Written by Cassi Mardis

It is absolutely crazy to think we leave town in about 15 hours. It feels like last week I was telling people I leave in two months on this wonderful journey.

This past weekend we had to say goodbye to our family and friends because  are staying at Dr. K’s house until we leave for the trip now to finish up last minute things. Ive become pretty close with her Kaipo and Trooper.


We have been working so hard and working so much, specifically this past week. We have been gathering last minute equipment, travel gear, and have had a few meetings in between as well. Last week Steph and I got to present our research to our Neuhoff friends and faculty. I believe it went pretty well and it was fun to make too.

After we gathered all of our equipment we tried loading it into the rental vehicle. Now that was a good joke. Did you know that there is NO storage in a Tahoe? Especially when you have so much equipment.

So poor Dr. Kloepper had a stressful few moments, but she successfully requested a different vehicle that should have more storage space. On a funnier note Steph and I had our bags in the trunk of the Tahoe just to get it out of the office and after we left Dr. K’s house we heard a clunk and Steph realized the trunk was not fully locked. We had to turn around because we lost some luggage on route.


I took this photo from the front seat of the Tahoe. 3 little bags just sitting in the middle of the street waiting for us to come back and retrieve them. The three of us could not stop laughing especially because closer to Dr. Kloepper’s house was Steph’s pillow in the middle of the road.

Were wrapping things up and finalizing what we can. 4 in the morning tomorrow, our trip officially starts.

Let the fun begin!